Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My Heart Bleeds For Them??

Golfers complain of being groped by female models at fundraising tournament

One of my firm beliefs is that when life imitates Benny Hill, you go with it. But such is not the case in Australia, apparently. The horror occurred in Melbourne recently, where guests at a corporate golf event report that they were “groped” by two female promotional models  But that’s not all:
“The girls were walking around opening up their bras and letting anyone see and feel their breasts. One of them flashed and then pushed her breasts right up against me.”
It happened at the Darwin Golf Course, according to the NT News, where Darwin Life magazine had sponsored the seventh hole at the fundraiser and hired the models to promote the publication.
“When guys went to tee off the girls stood behind them and humped them. One girl threaded a frangipani through her nipple ring and said ‘take this’. I was extremely uncomfortable.
But it didn’t end there. A third source said:
“I went to get a beer from the esky and one of the girls jumped into the esky, bent over in my face, passed the beer through her legs and said ‘I’ve got a wedgie … Oh I gave that to myself’.
“I think it was all meant to be in good fun but they went way too far.”

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