Thursday, 7 July 2011

Batman Live (Just!!)

Batman stuntman plunges through house roof

A top Hollywood stuntman on the new Batman film came down to earth with a bang after a skydive manoeuvre went wrong and he plunged through the roof of a house.

The hapless daredevil was rehearsing skydiving scenes for the latest Batman blockbuster ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ when was blown off course.
Eyewitnesses watched as the surprise visitor dropped in from the sky like the caped crusader himself and smashed through the roof tiles.
But unlike Gotham City’s cool crimefighter, the stuntman found himself wedged among the tiles of the chalet roof and had to be helped down after locals fetched a ladder.
The stunt backfired while the stunt crew practised manoeuvres for the forthcoming Batman movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.
Local resident Pavel Satny said: ”It was incredible. I’m amazed he survived. There were five parachutists overhead and I was watching one of the men who looked like he was going to drop into the nearby forest.
..But then out of the corner of my eye I saw another man fall straight down into the roof next door.
”He dropped just like a stone. I didn’t know what to do – whether to get my ladder or get my wife.”
The stuntman, who was helped down from the roof by locals and a paramedic from the film crew – remarkably suffered no serious injuries.
Pavel added: ”He seemed OK. He told me that it was windy and he just couldn’t control his parachute.
”He was so lucky – he could have easily died.”
The crew have been rehearsing for the movie at the Cairngorm Gliding Club in Inverness-shire for the last week. His accidental target was an outdoor activity centre.
The ‘Dark Knight Rises’ is due for release next summer.

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