Thursday, 11 February 2010

Watch The Birdy!

Town under attack

A British town have found themselves under attack by a wild pheasant.

Residents in Newsham, North Yorkshire, have been harassed for the past month by a fearless bird which chases local people and their pets, and even lies in wait for children to get off the school bus.

Kate Collingwood, a local resident said: "It frequents our garden. Whereas most of them will fly away, this one comes right at you."

The aggressive male bird has a long list of victims, one being resident Sonia Hall, who was terrorised by the bird while walking with her two-year-old grandson Jacob.

The pheasant flew at her legs and pecked until it drew blood.

Her son Charles said: "She was really shaken up by it."
Lyndsey Waddell, chairman of the National Gamekeepers Organisations said the pheasant would need to be humanely captured and sent elsewhere.

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