Friday, 5 February 2010

Was It To Go?

Man arrested for taco dispute

A US man spent a day in prison after throwing a taco at a restaurant manager.

Warren Strickland lobbed his double-decker meaty snack at a Taco Bell manager in Fairbanks, Alaska, after claiming it had been filled with spit.

The 31-year-old diner - who pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct - told a court he threw the food at the manager because the staff at the drive-thru messed up his order twice.

He said he became annoyed after the manager accused him of lying to get a free meal.

As well as the prison sentence, Strickland has also been ordered to pay a $100 fine and has been put on a year-long probation. During this 12 month period, he is also banned from visiting any Taco Bell eateries.

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