Friday, 12 February 2010

Monkey Business

Monkey spotted roaming Darwin streets

A monkey has been sighted roaming the streets of Darwin's northern suburbs.

The Northern Territory environment department said the monkey was spotted earlier today.

"A bus driver and other witnesses spotted the monkey at 9.45am this morning in front of a bus that was travelling on Henbury Avenue near the Lyons Estate," the department said in a media release.

They have warned people to stay clear of the animal.

"Monkeys can be aggressive and bite," the department said.

"It's not known where the monkey has come from therefore as a public health and safety precaution we urge all members of the public to be cautious."

The department said monkeys are a restricted species in the Northern Territory and can only be kept with the relevant permits.

Parks and Wildlife director Graham Phelps says the monkey was probably brought to the Northern Territory illegally.

"Any monkey that's in the Northern Territory should legally have a permit and we'd know where it is and whose it is," he said.

"The only institution in the Territory that's got a permit to hold monkeys is Crocodylus Park and they've assured us that they've got all their monkeys at the moment so no, we don't know where this one's come from."

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