Tuesday 19 November 2013

You’re Banned!!

Microsoft Will Ban You from Xbox One if You Swear

The software giant will ban those who use bad words while playing games and upload recordings of their gameplay via the “Share” function. A number of customers have already complained that they couldn’t use Skype and other apps reliant on Xbox Live on their new consoles.

The tech giant confirmed that while they don’t monitor P2P communications like Skype, videos uploaded through the Xbox One’s “Upload Studio” feature are monitored, and the company treats “excessive swearing” as the breach of terms of service.

Microsoft claims to take Code of Conduct moderation through Upload Studio very seriously. The company wants a clean, safe and fun environment for everyone, and excessive profanity and other violations will be enforced upon. Microsoft claimed that such behavior may even result in suspension of some or all privileges on Xbox Live. The company didn’t specify whether the monitoring was conducted through automated means or not, or whether the suspensions could escalate with repeated offenses.

Everyone knows that Internet gaming is notorious for its foul language with gamers experiencing abuse at the hands of other gamers across in-game communication services. Those have even led to a reporting mechanism where victims could flag abusers to warn or ban them.

Nevertheless, the decision to ban gamers for swearing in some games that themselves employ profanity as part of their mechanic brings in double standards. The users of the official Xbox online forum believe that it is quite strange that Microsoft allows people to record any game footage when there are games having really bad foul language.

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