Saturday, 2 November 2013

Pay & Display??

Vegetation hides parked vehicle

Making your car disappear under a mass of vegetation is one way to ensure you won’t be getting a parking ticket.
But we’re not too sure that was what this car owner was aiming for when their vehicle was overrun with shrubbery in a neighbourhood in Chengdu, Sichuan province.
It turned out the car had been left in the parking area for more than a year and in that time had become camouflaged by plant life.
Its original owner, Wang Ping, told authorities he had sold the vehicle three years ago after he was tracked down via the license plate, NBC News reported.
Unfortunately he had long disregarded any information he had on the buyer, so they were unable to be contact the new owner.
The vehicle was snapped from above in a picture that showed vegetation growing out of it.
Bemused onlookers stood by as officers inspected it.
It was eventually towed away after police were unable to remove the thick vines that had consumed it.

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