Thursday, 7 November 2013

Here Chick Chick!!

Best dressed chicken in town: hens go hi-vis

Chicken owners are dressing their animals in hi visibility jackets to help them cross the road safely

It will not solve the riddle as to why the chicken crossed the road, but it might mean that the bird is more easily spotted when it does so.
After public officials, cyclists and schoolchildren, the nation’s pet chickens have become the latest group to succumb to Britain’s “high visibility” culture.
Owners are dressing their domestic flocks in new fluorescent bibs, which have been specially designed to keep the creatures seen in the autumn evenings.
The bibs are meant for the growing numbers of people who keep chickens as pets, especially in urban and suburban areas, to protect the birds from motorists.
The bibs, costing £12 and available in pink or yellow, went on sale earlier this month.

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