Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Pirate Films?

People Pirate Films Which Hollywood Can’t Sell

It seems that Hollywood has only itself to blame for pirated films. It turned out that the top 10 pirated films are mostly those which the entertainment industry, for unknown reasons, has refused to release legally and are not available at the theatres anymore. A new service, called, tracks the most pirated films and shows whether file-sharers could have purchased the movie legally.

According to its data, 40% of most pirated movies cannot be bought legally online. Then, out of the remaining 60%, 30% are available for full-priced purchase, but not for rent. Moreover, none of the top 10 movies can be watched via such subscription streaming services as Netflix.

In means that the viewers have nothing left but to turn towards piracy when they fail to buy or at least rent the films they want to watch. In the meantime, each movie on the list of top 10 was released in 2013, but is no longer showing in major theaters. With the exception of 3 movies, most of them are now in an awkward stage – people can buy them on DVD, but can’t rent them online. The problem is that nobody wants to buy DVDs today – people are used to pressing a button and streaming a film instantly.

It means that the Hollywood’s idea of withholding new films from digital rental just to inflate DVD sales is just lossmaking. Especially for such movies that people can watch one time and instantly delete them from their brain in order to make way for more interesting stuff. Actually, a number of the films on the list are legally available and very popular on the pirate websites. The matter is that many of them certainly wouldn’t exist if Hollywood became a little more modern.

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