Monday 16 September 2013


Police mistake celebrity lookalikes for terrorists

Armed police intercepted a river Thames speedboat they feared was about to launch terrorist attack on Parliament — only to find it contained Angelina Jolie, Daniel Craig and Arnold Schwarzenegger lookalikes.

The actors were posing with toy guns in a publicity stunt for Thamesjet speedboat ride, which will allow passengers to speed along the river Thames in a jet-engine boat.
But as the boat approached Westminster Pier, a concerned member of the public called the police when they were alarmed to see guns on board and feared the crew were planning an attack on Parliament.
Four police officers from the Met’s marine unit intercepted the famous lookalikes by boat as they disembarked at the pier, but quickly discovered that the guns were toys, according to the Evening Standard.
Kyle Haughton, managing director of City Cruises, the company behind the speedboat rides, said: “It was a bit alarming to see four policemen jump out of a boat pretty quickly and run towards us.
“And then I realised, ‘Oh my God, we have people with guns, I can see what has happened here’ — but obviously, they were replica guns.
“We were shooting our action movie on the Thames and somebody reported us to the police, who were pretty relieved to see Lara Croft in all her elegance, and they understood that this was just a PR stunt.
“With hindsight, we should have told the Port of London Authority but I would still have used the lookalikes because that worked really well.”
The Met confirmed details of the incident and said the incident was quickly resolved.
A spokesperson said a member of the public called in “concerned they had seen people on a boat on the river carrying guns.”
The Met said: “Police quickly established the people on board were taking part in a promotional event. Officers spoke to the lookalikes and organiser and gave them some advice. The guns were toys, there were no arrests and the incident was resolved amicably.”

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