Tuesday 24 September 2013

Mobile U.K.?

80% UK Users Visit Social Networks on Mobiles

At the moment, Facebook underscores daily engagement as statistics say 24 million UK users log on the website on a daily basis. The company confirmed that revenue from mobile made up over 40% of its total $1.6bn second-quarter advertising revenue. For comparison, it was only 3% in the same quarter last year.
It could be said that the social network is undergoing a mobile revolution with 80% of the 24 million citizens of the UK who log on daily from a smartphone or tablet. It should also be noted that over 30% of the British population visit the service on a daily basis, of them, about 20 million (83%) use a smartphone or tablet to do so.

The statistics in question was released by the company a week ago in part to combat information showing that Facebook’s growth has reached saturation point. Facebook’s representatives claimed they publish the figures in order to show that their audience is growing both in size and engagement. At the same time, Facebook declined to release relevant figures on monthly users or on daily users for prior periods. As such, it is unclear how fast daily engagement is increasing, but Facebook claimed that mobile usage of Facebook in the country had grown 20% since 2012.

Industry experts confirm that many people start the day with Facebook. In the meantime, there are lots of members signing in on smartphones – especially in the United Kingdom, which is a huge mobile market. Mark Zuckerberg has already pinned the future prospects of the social network on its ability to capitalize on the rapid shift to mobile. Now this approach seems to have started to pay off, with revenue from mobile accounting for 40% of its total advertising revenue.

Industry observers say that Facebook’s mobile reach of 20 million daily mobile users can be compared to television juggernauts like The X Factor, which made over $160 million for ITV at its audience peak three years ago. The experts confirm that mobile has become a big part of the first screen and have absolutely seen significant demand for it. As people consider places to follow time spent, the graduation to mobile is increasingly going to happen.

Thus far, Facebook’s number of 33 million monthly users in Britain dwarfs the latest figure reported by Twitter (10 million) and eBay (14 million).

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