Monday 9 September 2013

Sign Of The Times??

‘Look right’ sign on London crossing points left

As if a busy dual carriageway in north London wasn’t difficult enough to cross in the first place, bungling workmen from Islington council have painted a sign telling pedestrians to ‘look right’ – with an arrow pointing left.
The confusing signage has appeared at the corner of Holloway Road and Tufnell Park Road after council workers found there was no sign for pedestrians on one side of the crossing.
However, after painting such a contradictory instruction it seems to be causing more problems than when there was nothing there at all.
Local Gina Turner, who works in an electrical store near the crossing, said: ‘I went out and as I crossed I thought “oh they’ve repainted the road”, then I looked again and I couldn’t believe it – I thought I was seeing things.
‘Someone’s going to be looking right and get knocked down and killed. I’ve already heard car horns going off and seen people having to jump back out of the road – it’s really dangerous.’
The speed limit on the busy trunk road into the centre of the capital is 30mph, although it is known as something of an accident black spot.

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