Thursday, 5 September 2013

Handwriting!….What’s That?

Texting Spoils Handwriting

The experts confirmed that handwriting skills have progressively dropped with technology increasing communication speeds. For example, the observers noticed a dramatic downturn in the legibility of handwritten court documents.
In addition, the experts admit that the loss of handwriting skills “comes at the price of a rotting of the mind”. Texting is believed to be part of the problem, as people have lost the knack of writing long sentences. As a result, people are not using their minds but instead are relying on technology which can decide for them.

The experts point out that cursive writing uses mental and physical processes that involve both left and right side of the brain. However, cursive writing decreases with technology becoming the most dominant means of communication. Indeed, typing or texting is only a matter of punching and finger-moving, where people don’t care much about doing any thinking because they are not allowing their brain to form neural processes.

According to a 2012 study, 33% of people experience difficulty with reading their own handwriting. For example, Docmail, a British printing and mailing firm, has revealed that 30% of participants hadn’t been required to produce something in handwriting for more than six months. It turned out that updating calendars, phone books and reminder notes is more likely to be done without even using a pen or a pencil. Moreover, over 50% of participants admitted that their handwriting was poor.

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