Saturday, 10 August 2013

Wet & Soggy!!

Hapless owner leaves velvet-covered Ferrari outside in the rain

The £200,000 super car got heads turning due to it’s £5,000 black velvet coat, which while kitsch, proved not to react too well to the downpour!

The Ferrari 599’s looked decisively soggy after the deluge and it’s Middle Eastern owner told onlookers that it was the first time he had been caught in a shower.
A passerby said the sight of the velvet car had already turned heads, but seeing it wet was something else.

He said: “It looked even more fluffy than usual, it looked like it needed some Frizz Ease or something.

“The chap that owns it is an Arab and I suppose it doesn't rain as much in the Middle East, he told us it was the first time he had got it wet.”
This is not the first eccentric super car that has been spotted in the swish area of Knightsbridge, earlier in the week a porcelin-embedded Bugatti Veyron and a glow-in-the-dark Lamborghini were both seen parked on the streets near Park Lane.

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