Friday, 16 August 2013

As Sharp As A…….?

Giant pencil sharpener becomes latest kitchen gadget

A new gadget that claims to peel vegetables in less than 30 seconds and stop people cutting their fingers has been launched, and looks like a giant pencil sharpener.

Makers of the tool, which looks and works like a traditional pencil sharpener, claim the design makes quick work of courgettes and carrots.

They say the Karoto can completely peel a carrot in less than 30 seconds, and the curled ribbon shavings left behind can be used to add a decorative extra to salads – as Britons become more hooked on reality cooking shows and series presented by celebrity chefs.

Makers also claim the tool can help people peel vegetables safely and reduces the risk of cutting fingers by slicing the skin off vegetables using a standard peeler or knife.

The Karoto was designed by Avichai Tadmoor for Monkey Business design studio in Israel and is three inches long and two inches wide.

The quirky kitchen gadget is one of a number of tools launched to make tasks easier and quicker in the kitchen, and can be used with long root vegetables such as carrots as well as courgettes, parsnips and cucumbers.

Jenni Day, sales manager at Luckies in London, which sells the tool, said: "It comes with restrictions for children's use as a lot of items of cutlery and kitchen gadgets do, but it is definitely easier to do than other ways of peeling vegetables.

“It looks like a pencil sharpener and works in a similar way and I would say it would take about 30 seconds to peel a carrot.

"Not only does it make peeling a fast process but it also leaves curls which can be used to decorate salads and brighten up other dishes.”

The Karoto is sold in orange and black for £9.95 plus postage.

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