Monday, 19 August 2013

Dropped A Bollock!!

Man who had testicle removed discovers 'cancer' was actually varicose vein

A man who was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had a testicle removed has claimed doctors ruined his life after it emerged he only had an enlarged varicose vein.

Kevin Ratcliffe underwent radiotherapy for six months, had the inside of his left testicle removed, and was warned his treatment may affect his chances of having children after he was told he had a malignant tumour.

The 23-year-old went to hospital for a check-up and doctors revealed he had never had the disease and the tumour was an enlarged varicose vein and a cyst.

Despite previously being told he had beaten cancer by specialists at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, it emerged doctors had recorded the fact Mr Ratcliffe didn’t have cancer on his notes shortly after his misdiagnosis, but no one had bothered to tell him.

The former dairy worker was also forced to give up his dream of becoming a rugby player as he continued treatment, following the wrong diagnosis when he was just 17.

He said: “They realised it wasn't cancer seven years ago as it's on my records - but no-one ever bothered to tell me and all they could say was 'sorry' when they realised the mistake.

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