Friday 22 March 2013

They Ruined My Birthday Party!!

Teen party in strip club cancelled after officials step in

There are a few teenagers in Ontario, Canada, that will probably be feeling pretty disappointed after a 14- to 18-year-old dance at a strip club was cancelled.
The youngsters, mainly the boys we presume, were probably looking forward to seeing the inside of The Studio 4 Gentleman’s Club for the first time but their plans were thwarted when the city’s licensing commission said the event couldn’t be held.
‘We can’t do it, it’s a shame,’ said the club’s manager Shawn Bashura, who added the teens wouldn’t have been allowed into the main club and their party would have taken place in the basement anyway.
‘A lot of kids wanted to come, they were excited about it.’
Officials said because the club held an adult entertainment licence no under-18s were allowed on the site.
One angry mother wasn’t surprised the kids were excited at the prospect of partying at the strip club.
She added: ‘Of course they were!
‘They’re little horny rebels, they think it’s so cool we’re in a strip club.’
Mr Bashura said the club had previously held nights for comedians, a hypnotist and even once hosted a baby shower (we’re not sure if it was for one of the strippers though).

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