Saturday, 30 March 2013

There’s Always One!!

Funny Flower Girl At Wedding…

Heheeeee! This cute little pumpkin really doesn’t understand that the petals are meant to stay where they’re thrown, that it’s all part of the ceremony. So she’s picking up every single petal that she can as the older flower girl in front of her throws them to the floor. Older girl throws, little pumpkin picks it up.
When she first does it, the photographer tries to stop her, but then gives up and takes a photo of it instead! Everyone’s laughing by then.
The older flower girl tries to stop her, but she ain’t having it – she gets vocal, determined to stay the course.
She runs and picks, she runs and picks, every single one, til she joins the bride and groom at the front.
Delightful, amusing little flower girl with a determined spirit. Brought joy to the wedding before the proceedings got underway.

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