Thursday 14 March 2013

Call That A Tip??

Pizza delivery boy gets $10 tip for $1,500 order

A delivery boy in the US delivered a total of 85 large pizzas to one address costing $1,500 (£1,000) but received just $10 for his efforts, a tip of just 0.69 per cent.

The enormous order was unsurprisingly pre-authorised, with the payment dealt with in advance over the phone.
But that doesn't mean you can't also tip the delivery boy on arrival.
In the US, where tipping is more of an obligation than a nicety, five-10 per cent of the order total is usually given to delivery boys, with 15-20 per cent expected for complicated orders, according to CNN Money.
The delivery boy had wisely decided to stay anonymous but his friend, known as jfastman, posted a photo of the receipt on social network site Reddit.
The largest delivery bags in the US generally carry a maximum of a dozen pizzas, meaning that this trip would have required seven of those bags, plus a single for the extra pizza.
The 85 pizza pies each weighed more than a kilo, meaning each of the seven bags he carried would have weighed at least 12 kilos.
Jfastman confirmed that his friend also had to make two trips to deliver all the pizzas in his saloon car.

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