Monday 4 March 2013

A Nun Inn??

Pub owner fined after lock-in with 'nuns'

A pub owner in Ireland has been fined for holding a lock-in with dozens of nuns.

Christy Walsh, who runs a bar in Listowel, County Kerry, has been fined a total of 700 euros (£605) due to the illegal drinking.

However, the wimple wearers were not actually real nuns - they were volunteers who dressed up as nuns as part of a Guinness World Record attempt entitled 'Nunday'.

A total of 1,436 adults dressed up and gathered at the GAA sports ground in the town for the event.

Police later visited the bar at 1.45am, 45 minutes after closing time, and found 30 people dressed as nuns. During a second visit at about 4.10am, there were still apparently 21 of them at the bar.

Walsh said he accepted that police officers who turned up at his pub were just "doing their job", but added that he was saddened by the decision to proceed with the prosecution.

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