Friday, 1 February 2013

We’ve Passed Or Else!!

Students hold teachers hostage for 21 hours
About 29 students in a KOlkata school were demanding for their answer scripts to be re-evaluated.
The same number of students have failed the elegibility exam held before the class 12 board exam to be held around March next year, reports NDTV.
The students of Rishi Aurobindo Balika Vidyalaya in south Kolkata started pressurising their principal and other teachers to give them passing marks so that they could appear for their board exams held by Higher Secondary COuncil. The students who failed claimed that they had been failed 'wrongfully', according to the news channel.
The students even claimed that the institute had lost their answer sheets.
The seige continued from about 3pm in the afternoon till 11am the next morning when the HSC ordered a re-examination for those students who had been failed in the pre-board test.
The teachers of the school said that it would set a very bad precendent.

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