Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mooby Central?

Leeds tops UK survey as 'Moob Capital'

A UK survey has revealed that the highest proportion of men with 'moobs' are living in Leeds, with Swansea sitting in second place.

Moobs, also known as 'man boobs', are sometimes due to hormonal or medical problems, but often the excessive fat build-up is just a sign that a healthier lifestyle is in order.

As part of a health and fitness research, over 2,000 men were surveyed across the nation, and found that almost half of men believe they have moobs.

The results were then broken up into cities which formed a league table for the highest proportion in each location:

1. Leeds - 59%
2. Swansea - 57%
3. Glasgow - 56%
4. Manchester - 54%
5. Bristol - 52%
6. Newport - 50%
7. Coventry - 48%
8. Wrexham - 46%
9. Colchester - 45%
10. Lincoln - 45%

Commissioners for the research,, also found that most of those with moobs do consider it to affect their confidence and would consider surgery to correct their problem.

Maz Darvish, CEO of, said: "Although the majority of men with 'moobs' admit they're a result of a lack of exercise and a poor diet, to find that so many would still prefer to have surgery to correct the issue is worrying.

"Cosmetic operations like 'moob surgery' and liposuction are potentially very short-term solutions to obesity, especially if the patient continues to eat unhealthily and exercise rarely."

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