Sunday, 10 February 2013

Pirates In The TV!!

uTorrent in Your TV Set

Users have long been dreaming of streaming the films they have downloaded directly to their TV. Now it all came true with BitTorrent’s new device called BBK Box. It allows users to watch movies, wirelessly, via the most popular BitTorrent application in the world – uTorrent.
The newly introduced device runs Android OS and combines technology from both uTorrent and the BitTorrent applications. Talking about adaptability, the device supports DLNA, which means that users are able to play content from iTunes and Vuze on their TV set. In addition, they can control the device via the EShare remote control client, which is compatible with Android, Apple mobile phones and tablets.

As for the file management, the device comes with a built-in Internet browser which allows users to add torrent files. Otherwise, they are able to use USB drive, SD card, and even an external hard drive. The new magic box supports virtually all formats. In the meantime, the benefits of being compatible with Android are the thousand apps which can be found in the Android Market (it also allows installing VPN applications).

Finally, the device comes with such pre-installed applications as Google Play Market, Google Search, Web Browser, Clock, DVB Player, E-mail, File Browser, and a Music Player, featuring an internal memory of 55MB. Its price is below 90 Euros and not dollars because it is currently only sold in Europe.

BitTorrent's official site claims that the device has a lot of useful features, including built-in Wi-Fi which allows users to enjoy their connected media wirelessly. The box also provides easy connectivity with USB 2.0 and SD card connections and supports playback of media content from external removable storage. Users can make use of DLNA PC Media Link to browse PC and home network content, while the box can play multiple video formats from external hard disk or thumbdrive.

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