Thursday 1 December 2011

Stop!….Horses Crossing?

Lollipop lady stops pack of wild horses heading towards school

A fast thinking lollipop lady stopped seven wild horses galloping down a road towards a busy school.

Shocked Janice Woodland, 53, spotted the animals after helping a little girl across the road at Alderman Jacobs School.
The veteran school patrol warden immediately held out her lollipop to stop the charging animals and corralled them into a nearby garden.
Mrs Woodland helped to keep the horses penned in while police and RSPCA officers are called to the scene.
School headteacher Margaret Sargent today saluted popular Janice after she headed off possible disaster.
Mrs Sargent said: "Nobody was hurt because of Janice's prompt actions. She was brilliant. Parents who closed the school gates to stop the horses coming into the playground also did well."
The horses bolted in Whittlesey, near Peterborough, Cambs, at about 9am on Monday morning.
Mrs Woodland, of Whittlesey, said: "I looked up the road and thought that's a lot of horses.
"I stood there and held my stick out as they ran towards me and they must have been startled by my jacket.
"It was just like One Man and his Dog the way they saw me and all went into the garden!
"t was lucky the horses didn't come running along 10 minutes earlier as they would have killed some children.
"It's not something you expect to see"
Pupil Tanya Crew, 13, was in the playground when she saw the horses jump into the garden.
Tanya said: "We just had to keep them all calm. They had come from the back of the Wash and they were really sweaty because they had run so far."
The horses were taken back to their field by their owners.

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