Sunday 4 December 2011

No….It’s Mine!

Woman steals back bike from thief

A Colorado woman has stolen her bicycle back from a thief after meeting him for a test drive.
Kathryn Lucas discovered her vehicle being sold on Craiglist by Denzel O'Neal Crawford shortly after he took it from outside a bar in Boulder on November 4.
Lucas then arranged to meet the 18-year-old and his brother at a nearby apartment complex under the pretence that she wanted to purchase the bike, but instead loaded it into her car and drove away right in front of them.
"They were a lot bigger than I thought they were," she told The Denver Channel. "I thought it'd be like a little person that stole bikes and I'd be like, 'Hey, I called the police and that's my bike and you're trying to sell it to me,' but just took it for a ride and went with it."
Lucas then informed police of Crawford's address, being told before authorities tracked him down that that she "probably would not want to do that by [her]self" in the future.
Crawford, who does not have a criminal record, admitted to taking the bike when questioned by Westminster and Boulder Police. He was described as being "extremely co-operative" during the investigation.

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