Friday, 16 December 2011

God Dog It!!!!

'Jesus Christ, Benton': swearing dog owner

A dog walker in Richmond Park had to expend a little more energy than planned after his canine companion called "Benton" took more than a passing interest in the park's wildlife.

The smartphone clip begins with the amateur cameraman admiring some of the Royal park's majestic deer on a seemingly perfect autumnal day.
But the serene south west London tableau is soon pierced with several cries of "Benton!", each cry growing ever louder.
The lens is soon drawn to the direction of the commotion and captures a spooked herd of deer gathering pace as the tone of the cries turns ever more exasperated and blasphemous.
With the deer continuing off into the distance the cause of the tumult hoves into view; Benton the dog giving full chase to the herd as his owner chases him in turn, his calls still unheeded as the person capturing the scene lets out a snigger as the video ends.
The owner, who has not been identified, repeatedly yells his pet’s name with little effect as it chases the deer through the popular south-west London park.
As more than 20 deer run off in the distance, the middle-aged man, dressed in a cap, jeans and a brown jacket, is heard cursing the inquisitive dog as it races off in the distance.
The cheeky pet then causes the deer to run across the busy road that cuts through the park, forcing vehicles to stop.

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