Friday, 22 April 2011

We’re Cool, Dude

Monkeys steal sunglasses

Monkeys in a British zoo have accumulated a collection of sunglasses stolen from visitors.

Staff at London Zoo are now having to give the Bolivian squirrel monkeys a crash course to teach them not to pinch the accessories from their customers.

It is thought the primates are attracted to the shades because of their shiny lenses and now zookeepers have coated their hoard in a bitter tasting apple substance their pilfering ways should come to an end.

Zookeeper Kate Sanders said: "Once they get hold of a pair they all race round the enclosure chasing each other with the glasses. They've grabbed around seven pairs so far.

"Hopefully this treatment with the bitter apple will work, we are planning to repeat it until they associate sunglasses with something that is unpleasant.

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