Monday 4 April 2011

None Too Bright?

Bank robber busted after showing staff ID

A feckless criminal has been jailed after he foolishly proved his identity to a bank worker – during a robbery.

Stupid Nathan Wayne Pugh, 49, stormed into the Wells Fargo bank in Dallas and approached the clerk where he asked to ”make a withdrawal”.

When the bank worker replied ”how much?”, Pugh – who was carrying a fast food bag – handed over a poorly scribbled note.

It read: ”Look if you don’t want to die then you should do as this note says This is not a bag of food This is a bom, so just put money in an envelope and do not make any move till after I have left for ten mintis.” (sic)

The brave bank worker then agreed to hand over the $2,000 (USD) requested but coolly demanded to see some identification first.

Amazingly, Pugh cooperated and showed the lady his Wells Fargo debit card.

However, this wasn’t enough for the courageous clerk who asked to see another form of ID.

Pugh then showed the lady his State of Texas identification and she handed him $800 (USD).

Police arrived at the bank just as the career criminal was about to make his exit and, after a fruitless attempt to take a mother and daughter hostage, he was apprehended.

Pugh, who was already on parole for two previous robberies, was sentenced to eight years in prison.

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