Tuesday, 5 April 2011


Police had to be rescued from lift

Six burly policemen called to a disturbance at a tower block had to be rescued by firemen - after they got stuck in the lift.

The officers piled into the lift at the 13-storey Brooke House in Basildon, Essex, but their combined weight was too much for it.

The men, who have been dubbed the 'slow response team', were trapped for 17 minutes before being rescued, reports the Daily Mail.

A fire brigade source said: "They had gone to make an arrest or deal with something when all six of them decided to get into the same lift.

"It was the combined weight of all of them that caused it to get stuck. The crews had to use a lift key to get them out."

Police from the Basildon neighbourhood support team had been called to the town centre tower block following reports of a disturbance.

They began their lift journey up the 13-storey building, but soon came to a halt because they were too heavy.

A spokeswoman for Basildon police said: "Whilst on their way to the scene officers got stuck in a lift for a short time and were assisted by the fire brigade who helped them get out.

"It transpired that no crime, disturbance or breach of the peace had been committed."

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