Wednesday 8 December 2010

If You Go Down To The Woods Today!!

My walk in the woods went downhill

A man has suffered the double blow of seeing his wife having sex with her lover, and then being attacked by him.

Antony Silindza, of Manzana in Mbabane, was on his way home when he spotted a man and woman making love on a rock in the forest and stopped to watch, not realising that it was his wife, Nestar Mamba, reports the Times of Swaziland.

When the act was finished, he recognised his wife and approached the couple, but her lover, Calvin Elvis Siwela, started throwing stones at him.

Siwela appeared at the Swazi National Court this week charged with assault. In his defence, he told the court that Ms Mamba is his girlfriend and they have a child together.

He also denied assaulting her husband and said he slipped while running away

Ms Mamba added that she no longer lives with Mr Silindza, although they are married.

However, the court questioned why the couple had been making love in the forest if they are together.

Siwela was found guilty and sentenced to eight months in prison.

Court president Cindzi said: 'How can you take his wife and, on top of that, you beat him up?'

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