Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Agony Uncle??

Mafia boss is mobsters’ agony uncle

In one intercepted note to a criminal associate, 32-year-old Sandro Lo Piccolo wrote: ‘My dear friend, erotic adventures, as you like to call them, are a philosophy.’

He then advised his friend on how best to please his lover, before adding: ‘I’m sorry you left her unsatisfied. They want something of steel.’

Lo Piccolo then kindly offered to stand in and pleasure the woman himself – although how he would do that from his cell was not made clear.

The don’s sex tips – dubbed the ‘Mafia Kama Sutra’ by Italian police – were found in raids on the homes of suspected gangsters in Palermo, Sicily.

Lo Piccolo boasted of his own sexual prowess in the ten pages of letters, as well as giving orders for the day-to-day business of extortion and theft. In one letter, he wrote: ‘My friend, I read that you are making love all the time. I am the only one not having sex any more – enjoy yourself and don’t forget anyone.’

Lo Piccolo was arrested three years ago along with his father Salvatore, aka il Barone – the baron. When he was led from a police station after questioning, he blew kisses to screaming women who had gathered to catch a glimpse of him.

In prison, he has received many letters from female admirers, including one from a former girlfriend, who wrote: ‘Don’t worry, I am waiting for you... I do not wear make up, I swear I will not do anything that attracts attention. ‘I have several colleagues who are chasing me but don’t worry about them

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