Sunday, 6 October 2013

That’s The Way To Do It??

Father gets own back on daughter by wearing short shorts to dinner

A father got his own back on his daughter by wearing a pair of short shorts in public after she refused to take hers off and put on longer ones.
Scott Mackintosh decided to surprise his teenage daughter Myley by wearing the attire to a planned dinner and miniature golf outing.
On top of this he sported a t-shirt that said: ‘Best. Dad. Ever.’
Despite the numerous stares and the wholly awkward evening, the 52-year-old’s daughter didn’t seem to mind and even posted photos of him in the shorts on her Tumbler account.
‘I know it sounds weird to try to embarrass her but I wanted her to know that she’s of great worth,’ Mr Mackintosh told Good Morning America.
Myley added: ’It got a point across. I just learned the lesson of how much he loves me and that he really cares about it.’

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