Monday, 14 October 2013

Table For Two Sir?

Teenagers asked to leave McDonalds over posh banquet

Two teenagers are asked to leave McDonalds after bringing a tablecloth, candles, cutlery and wine glasses to the restaurant to enjoy “romantic meal”.

Cameron Ford and Adam Welland dressed up in shirts and black ties and decked out their table, complete with a straw centrepiece, in order to bring some “class” to the fast food chain.
But while some members of staff were amused by their prank, which was photographed by their friend Will Peachy, one took exception to their atmospheric dining and asked them to leave, they claim.
However, the employee is said to have been overruled by other staff members and customers, meaning that they were allowed to stay.
It is believed that it was the cutlery which the McDonalds worker took exception to.
The photographs have gone viral since they were posted on Twitter, and one has been re-tweeted more than 14,000 times.
Mr Ford posted one along with the message: “Cheers to my beautiful boyfriend on our special night. Love you Adam.”
He said the pair were “bringing romance to the next level”, adding: “We just thought the place needed a bit of class.”
Mr Welland later clarified that they are not in a relationship and the meal was just for their amusement.
Mr Peachey had originally posted a photograph of the two claiming that they were all being banned from the Kingston restaurant.
But Mr Welland later clarified that this was because at the time they thought they were about to be kicked out but the staff member later backed down.
He said: “We weren't kicked out in the end, one staff member asked us to stop but he was outruled (sic) by others and customers”
He said that the candles were fakes, adding: “I'd say more 'asked to leave' than 'kicked out'. Either way, they didn't appreciate it some of the staff found it funny, but others clearly did not.”
Mr Ford later joked: “It was the cutlery, they didn't like us using our own. Forking idiots.”
A McDonald’s spokesperson said: "We are aware of the two customers who dined at our Kingston restaurant on Saturday night and are pleased that we were able to offer them an affordable treat.
“We are happy to provide plastic cutlery to those customers who request it. We ask that any items brought in by customers, such as cups or plates, are used responsibly and taken away with them after use.”

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