Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Clowning Around??

Clown crashes attempting U-turn but police say oversized shoes not to blame

An 83-year-old clown with oversized shoes crashed a van after attempting a U-turn – but police confirmed the accident had nothing to do with his large footwear.
The joker was travelling with a few other jesters when he tried the manoeuvre in West York, Pennsylvania.
Unfortunately it went wrong and the driver of the car was left with pie on his face (which he should be used to).
Authorities said he crashed into another van when he passed an exit he was meant to get off at and then tried to return to it.
There were no injuries reported except to Dimples the Clown, aka James Billingsley, 83, who had a small bruise on his head. He had to be taken to hospital.
He was one of four clowns travelling to the York Fair in the van that was also pulling a clown car behind it.
The driver escaped any serious charges but police say he will receive a citation for the illegal U-turn.

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