Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Windows 9…Yeh Right!

Windows 9 Might Arrive in 2014

The rumors are that Microsoft is going to release another version of Windows as soon as in 2014. The speculations are that next Windows OS can hit the streets a year from November next.

However, the rumors don’t explain why users should feel the need to upgrade to Windows 9 before Windows 8 takes off. In fact, at the moment lots of users are in the same boat, believing that Windows 7 is good enough. As for me, I personally think that a line should be drawn at Windows XP, which has never let me down, and I am not alone.

The rumors come from Win8China, which has provided a number of good Windows leaks before. Win8China reveals that Microsoft is developing Windows 9 for a tentative November 2014 product launch, with a beta expected to be out to try as early as next January.

Actually, the announced dates are around the time of year that we would be expecting a Windows yearly OS update. Taking all this into account, this does make it possible that new Windows OS could have a November 2014 release. In addition, there’s a chance that Microsoft has finally understood that making people pay for regular short term upgrades, like Apple, is a better business model than making users pay for a bigger one every few years.

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