Sunday, 26 May 2013

Anything For You Son!!

Farmer turns nude model to help son

A desperate dad raising cash for his son's medical treatment has launched a new career - as a nude model for life drawing classes in China.
Farmer Zhao Changyong, 47, needs to raise £15,000 to continue his 22-year-old son's hospital treatment in Zhengzhou, Henan province, for bone marrow disease.
But after selling the family farm to pay for the treatment, Zhao ran out of cash and has taken up a series of odd jobs to keep the money coming in.
Now Zhao is making the most of his natural assets as a £10 an hour nude model for a local art school.
"The first time I felt quite ashamed to be taking my clothes off, but I thought of my son and my feeling didn't seem important any more," explained Zhao.
"But the students are very nice. They don't laugh at me, they look at me more like a doctor looks at a patient and this is more money than I could make in the fields," he added.
Now medics have told him that son Wu is expected to make a full recovery.
"The students have been very kind and generous and they've offered to paint our portrait when he gets better - but this time with all our clothes on," said Zhao.

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