Saturday, 18 May 2013

Anything For The Weekend Sir??

Topless barber shop popular in Australia

A topless barber shop has become a hit in Australia, offering customers to have their haircut done by a barely-clothed female hairdresser.

'Barber Babes', based in Brisbane, sees employees wearing just hot pants or underwear, according to
The Courier-Mail. In addition to haircuts, they offer head massages, eyebrow waxing, blow-dries and shaves.
Jasmine Robson, owner of the business, explained that the idea stemmed from her belief that most men find going to a barber inconvenient, and she wanted to provide them an extra incentive to get their hair cut.

She added: "We found that a lot of exotic dancers are qualified hairdressers and don't do what they love as the wages are quite abysmal.

"Some of the barbers are available for lap dances but not whilst you are getting your Barber Babes service. They are serious about their art and don't take it lightly."

While the service has proved popular, Collective Shout - a movement against the objectification of women - has made clear their disapproval.

Melinda Liszewski stated: "What we're seeing is the crossover of the sex industry into other more mainstream areas.

"It's reinforcing the idea that women exist for men's sexual arousal and titillation."

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