Sunday, 19 May 2013

Life’s Ups & Downs!!

Man survives after getting stuck in lift for four days

A man who was stuck in a lift for four days without food or water has said he only managed to survive because he had received military training.
Thomas Fleetwood became trapped in the deserted Hotel Eden in Austria when he was travelling to the ground floor in the one man lift.
As well as there being no-one else in the building, the 58-year-old had also forgotten his mobile phone, which meant he could not call for help.
He said: ‘The lift has never broken down before, I just hadn’t expected anything to happen.
‘I broke a small glass panel at the front door of the lift and that gave me some fresh air, and tried to take off the roof of the lift to climb out, but that didn’t help either.’
Mr Fleetwood, from Sweden, only got out of his predicament when a friend noticed a bunch of piled up letters outside the hotel and then let himself in with a spare key to see if anything was wrong.
He contacted the fire service when he realised the hotel boss was trapped.
Mr Fleetwood added: ‘It was foolish to have gone in the lift in an empty hotel without a mobile telephone, but I am proud of myself that I didn’t panic and used my military training to get through.
‘I would talk to myself and was making my plans for the future while I was stuck there.’

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