Friday, 18 April 2014

Abandoned & Forgotten By Microsoft!

Microsoft is Criticized for Abandoning XP

AV software maker, Avast, has waded into the software giant for pulling the plug on Windows XP. Avast claimed that abandoning the popular OS was a big mistake, especially as Microsoft hasn’t provided an attractive possibility for people to upgrade.

Avast explained that security products can only do so much to keep XP users safe after the company stops patching the future vulnerabilities of the OS. In addition, abandoning Windows XP won’t only affect XP users, but will also create a huge security problem for the entire ecosystem. You can just imagine tens of millions of computers running XP connected to the Internet – unpatched and without security updates. Of course, all of them will be just waiting to be exploited. The vulnerable operating system will become an easy target for hackers. Besides, it will be regarded as a gateway to infect other non-XP operating systems. Avast also pointed out that many essential devices, including ATMs, are running Windows XP, and all of them will also be left exposed.

Nevertheless, one has to be fair to Microsoft – the company has given all users a very long time to say goodbye to their XP addiction. One would have thought that there would be a market for a security product staying ahead of the hackers – maybe Avast should consider this idea instead of complaining.

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