Monday, 29 April 2013


Mother buys 2-year-old daughter £4m New York apartment

A lucky toddler has been handed more than a silver spoon after her mother splashed out £4.25million for her on a luxury New York apartment.
The fortunate two-year-old may still be in diapers but it appears her future is already mapped out with the purchase of the luxury condo in the 90-storey Manhattan building.
Sotheby’s real estate Kevin Brown was showing a Chinese client around the property when she mentioned it would be for her daughter.
‘She said her daughter was going to go to Columbia, or NYU, or maybe Harvard,’ he told Chinese broadcaster CCTV.
‘She needed to be in the centre of the city and that was why she was picking this one particular apartment.
‘So I said, “Oh, how old is your daughter?” And she said, “Well, she’s 2″. And I was just shocked.’
The apartment, which is not yet finished, is situated in a glass skyscraper on 57th street overlooking Central Park.
It boasts facilities including an aquarium, swimming pool and a private concert hall.

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