Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Phone Home……Not!

Drink driver mistakes cigarettes for phone

A drunk driver has come the butt of a world-wide joke - after he was filmed by police trying to make phone calls from a packet of cigarettes.

The film - shot by traffic cops in the Russian capital, Moscow - has become a bizarre world-wide hit with more than 170,000 hits on YouTube.

The unidentified driver - pulled over for driving erratically - first tries to speak into his hand to make a call.

But when he realises that isn't working he pulls out a cigarette packet and in front of the bemused cops apparently believes he's having detailed phone conversations - first with his father, and then a friend.

"Just deal with the situation," he says before hanging up and passing out with his head slumped on a policeman's shoulder.

When asked what he's doing the clearly drunk driver says: "Well, we were driving and we were almost there and now here we are."

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