Saturday, 14 May 2011

Education…..It’s Wonderful!

Dozy Three Peaks climbers pick wrong mountain, get injured, then lost

They started the Three Peaks Challenge by climbing the wrong mountain – and it all went downhill from there.

he dozy climbers scaled the Highland peak of Stob Ban instead of Ben Nevis – more than 5km (3 miles) away – after thinking it looked the same.

Their tale of woe continued when they headed south to the Lake District, where three of the six injured themselves and two more got lost taking on Scafell Pike.

Mercifully, ‘Team Wayne’ decided not to even bother with Mount Snowdon in Wales.

But they still managed to raise £10,000 for a leukaemia charity in memory of their friend Wayne Wilson, who died from the disease in January aged just 26.

One of the team, Damien Davis, admitted Stob Ban – more than 300m (1,000ft) lower than Ben Nevis but much steeper – was not what they had expected.

He said: ‘We’d been told that Ben Nevis, although the highest, is a fairly easy climb, but it was like a vertical ascent.

‘We had a gut feeling we might have taken a wrong turn but from ground level those mountains all look about the same height.’

When pal Mike Murray reached the summit first he phoned Damian to say: ‘I hate to break this to you but this ain’t it’.’

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