Monday, 22 March 2010

Get Ahead!!!!

Bald man paints head rather than wear wig

Philip Levine came up with the idea when he first noticed his hair was receding. He says he wanted to try something different because he didn't want to look like all other blokes with a shaved head.
And the 28-year-old doesn't, he thinks of designs and gets a professional body painter to realise them on his head -  they regularly take over two hours to complete.

He says he's had things raging from a smily face to giant wave on his noggin --  though he's not had a short back and sides painted on yet.

Speaking of the designs Philip, from London, said: "I wanted to express some part of my personality no one could see.

"I thought why not use my head as a canvas, paint and attached things to my head in the border of why my hair would be.

"Unlike a wig where you are hiding what maybe seen as a deformity what I do is tell people feel special, original and embrace what could be looked at as a weakness and turn it into a strength."

Philip says the designs by painter Kat Sinclair normally wow people but that some have more of an impact then others - such as when he had 1,000 Swarovski crystals individually glued on.

"Many people see it as an original art form and I aim to carry on inspiring and wowing people for years to come."

He is now planning a art exhibition showing off over 100 of his head designs including visual art films and busts of his head designs.

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