Saturday, 20 March 2010


Coffee powered car completes 210 mile trip

A car which is powered by coffee beans has completed a 210 mile journey from London to Manchester, just.

Dubbed "car-puccino" the vehicle used the equivalent of more than 10,000 espressos to make the trip - interrupted by filter cleaning and coffee refuelling stops every 70 miles.

The 1988 VW Scirocco was converted by BBC Bang Goes The Theory host Jem Stansfield, to turn coffee grounds into flammable gasses that can be used in the engine instead of petrol.

As the car arrived in Manchester cab driver tooted their horn and people waved and shouted at the car… they were probably trying to order a cappuccino

Jem said of the car, built to promote The Big Bang fair in Manchester: "It's important for kids to understand that power is not something that is mystically there, simply at the flick of a switch or by pushing a pedal.

"With the energy challenge that is facing the world, the more we encourage children to think about alternative fuels, where energy is stored and how it can be released, the better!

"This is one of the aims of The Big Bang and something that our Bang Goes the Theory team wanted to show in action. 

"Everyone recognises that coffee can give a person a bit of a boost, but many probably had no idea it had enough energy locked away to power a car!"

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