Monday, 2 June 2014

What….No Chips??

Eight-foot shark caught off north Devon coast

A shark weighing 450lb (204kg) and stretching to eight feet (2.4m) in length was reeled in by a stunned fisherman less than a mile out to sea

An angler fishing for pollock was stunned when he instead hooked a 450lb shark less than a mile off from a popular beach.

Graeme Pullen was plundering a large shoal of the small white fish off the north Devon coast when the eight-foot porbeagle shark took his bait.

As his rod bent over, he shouted to friend Wayne Combe for help, telling him: “Never mind the pollocks”.

Mr Pullen then embarked on a half-hour battle to reel in the monster fish which was so heavy it sent his 17-ft fibre-glass boat spinning in circles.

The shark left a bit mark on the side of the vessel after opening its jaws right in front of Mr Pullen exposing its razor sharp teeth.

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