Wednesday 14 May 2014

Nosey Parker!!!!

Dog rescued after wedging head in a concrete wall

A curious golden retriever in Nottingham was helped by firefighters after getting her head stuck in a decorative concrete garden wall

Fire crews were called to rescue a hapless dog after she managed to get her head stuck in a concrete wall.

Sunny, a nine-year-old Golden Retriever, became wedged in a garden wall gap as she tried to greet a neighbour’s new puppy.

Her owner Shelley Jones, 22, found her in the garden of her home in Gedling, Nottingham, with her head through the block at around 11am.

Sunny was so firmly stuck in the six inch gap that even with Shelley, her brother Ivan Bishop, 28, and neighbour Gemma Beck, 30, pushing they were unable to free her.

Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service then attended the scene where they spent 20 minutes cutting the dog free.

Shelley, a beauty consultant, said: "I couldn't believe it. I was out in the garden and my neighbour was there. We were just chatting.

"But next door's new beagle puppy was out for the first time and I thought Sunny might want to jump up but not put her head through the wall.

"The dog was more calm than I was, but was completely stuck.

"I called my brother as he is a builder so I thought he would have some tools to help.

"But we decided to call the fire brigade though as we didn't know how to set her free and I was worried she would hurt herself.

"The fire fighters were amazing though. They put a sheet over Sunny's head to stop the debris going over her and then one of them sat with her while they cut her out.

"It took about 20 minutes in total and the wall had to be completely taken down. There is just a board up at the moment.

"It was definitely a bit of a shock but Shelley seems to be fine. She was a bit quiet after and had a rest but we have taken her for a nice walk since.

"It is not what I imagined I'd be doing on a Sunday morning either.

"I am just glad it ended okay."

A fire crew from Carlton Fire Station, near Nottingham arrived at the property just before 11am and had to use hammers and chisels to remove part of the wall to release Sunny.

Station manager Andy Shepherd said: "It is not an everyday occurrence I must admit, but we do love a story with a happy ending."

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