Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Future??

BitTorrent Certified Set-Top Box Released

Antik Technolog, Slovakian manufacturer of IPTV devices, has recently introduced its first BitTorrent Certified set-top box designed for telecommunication companies, providers and retailers.
The device in question was announced for the first time in this past January. Desperately expected by many, the device called the FullHD Juice Mini is able to play files users download as torrents directly on a TV. Antik Technology CEO explained that Juice Mini was a unique gadget, because it was the first BitTorrent Certified box in the world.

The company added that thanks to their partnership with BitTorrent they have designed that special IPTV device for customers who usually record HD memories with their smartphones, digital SLRs and HD camcorders. With Juice Mini, BitTorrent users will also be able to seamlessly play files using the BitTorrent protocol, a P2P technology which is widely used all over the world for distributing large files.

Earlier BitTorrent was merely identified with Internet piracy, with its users downloading copyrighted content, but today it has truly become a complex platform, which is more and more often is used to promote content creators and help Internet users discover, share and transfer files through its ecosystem of technology protocols, consumer apps, and consumer electronics devices.

Antik Technology confirmed that the BitTorrent Certified Juice Mini will become available for purchase throughout the globe early this year.

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