Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Here Piggy Piggy?

Pigs cause jam after escape attempt

Eight pigs have caused a traffic jam after tipping over a trailer they were in to try to escape being slaughtered in Novokuznetsk, Russia.
Eight Russian pigs caused a big traffic jam after trying to escape being slaughtered.
The "stressed" porkers broke out of the trailer they were being transported to an abattoir in by rocking the vehicle from side to side - and their actions caused big queues on a bridge in Novokuznetsk, Russia.
A spokesman for the traffic police department in the west Siberian city said: "The pigs might have been under stress during the ride and started rocking the trailer."
Drivers helped try to catch the porkers and some members of the public assisted in moving the trailer, but two of the crafty pigs have so far managed to avoid being butchered and still remain at large in the city.

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