Thursday, 31 March 2011

Extreme Sport?


If you love the thrill of water-skiing and windsurfing but don’t like getting wet, this could be for you.

A new sport has arrived and all you need for it is a skateboard, some rope and... a horse.

Horse-boarding involves being pulled on a board at up to 56kph (35mph).

It has become so popular that a training centre has opened and Britain’s first championships are to be held this year.

Stunt rider Daniel Fowler-Prime, who has worked on films such as Kingdom Of Heaven and The Da Vinci Code, invented it after messing about on a farm with friends.

‘There’s a raw surge of natural power that you wouldn’t get from any other sport,’ said Mr Fowler-Prime, 31.

‘The acceleration is explosive and a lot of skill is involved

‘You have to be prepared to take a few knocks because falling off has been compared to getting out of a car at 30mph.’

He added: ‘Horses generally take to it very easily.’

Mr Fowler-Prime is a founder of the Extreme Horse Riding Association and opened the National Horse Boarding Training Centre at Seisdon, near Wolverhampton.

He has organised the first championships, involving races on a 100m-course, later this year.

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