Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Half of men won't order soft drinks in a pub

One in two men admit they won't order a soft drink in a pub because 'it's not manly enough', a study has found.

Researchers discovered millions of blokes buckle to peer pressure and order a beer at the bar when they would have happily enjoyed a soft drink.

One-in-ten went as far as to say they 'wouldn't dream' of ordering a non alcoholic beverage in front of their boozing mates.

Around 47 percent of the 2,00 men polled said doing so made them feel 'a bit of a wuss' and 17 percent were worried their mates would take the mickey.
More than half of men also thought it was harder for them to order a soft drink in the pub than a woman. Even though she actually wanted a glass of wine.

A spokesman for Iron Press, which commissioned the poll, said: "For many men, it's important they have a certain image in front of their friends.

"Many women probably wouldn't think twice about ordering a soft drink when they are with their girlfriends."

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